Stu Jenks

Born a Son of Virginia, Stu Jenks works as a photographer, writer and musician in Tucson, Arizona. His work has been shown throughout Europe and the United States. He released his second CD of ‘electronic spirituals’, entitled “West of the Fire: Soundtracks for Photographs, Vol. 2” a while ago, and is now working on an ambient Mandolin music album. A book of photographs and memoirs entitled “Circle Stories” is pending and Stu’s most recent work is posted on his almost-daily blog. Even though he is primarily known for his mysterious nocturnal photographs, Stu is currently working on two new photographic series; one, shooting the land of Cochise and the Chiricahua Indians in Southeastern Arizona and the other, photographing the land of his ancestors, in Northern Scotland and in Rural Virginia.

Stu drinks the strongest of coffees, lives for the light in a woman’s eye, and tends to appreciate the mystery of things. To view his images, read his writings and listen to his music, go to or to his blog at