Two and a half months after its launch, The Darkness offers itself a first extension bearing hopes and promises. It must be said that the players begin to turn around on the same cards, to repeat in the loop the same assaults while looting the legendary pieces of equipment of the only available raid. Breaking the routine is what you expect from the darkness beneath.

It is armed with an increase in its maximum level, its new raid and its new Assault, 3 Multiplayer maps and its new quests linked to the history of Crop and Eris that this first extension comes. For € 19.99, is the investment worth it? The whole thing seems light at first, and the observation does not get better after several hours spent on the title.

The Darkness

The Eris missions first of all, which serve as the main quest throughout this DLC. Eris, located in the Tower, these begin at Level 24 and take place in several stages. The first is a series of three scripted missions, in Prequel to the assault and the raid to come. The second part of these missions consists of accomplishing several quests with various but similar objectives: to kill monsters and recover their fragments. However, the subtleties of killing a particular type of monster using a particular weapon, as well as the presence of new enemies who drop a sword as soon as they are discovered, are to be appreciated. Then follows a sequence similar to Cropta’s mission of the original game in which you can use your sword to get rid of enemies. Limited in time, this feature always remains fun and its return should delight players.

The Underground Darkness

On the multiplayer side, three new maps appear. Pantheon first of all, which offers an ideal panorama of the Black Garden. Rather large, it is a mixture of high sandals of ceilings centered around a central core more open and conducive to skirmishes in teams. As it is difficult to hold a position, this map is ideal to avoid the syndrome of the camper, and it is by far the one that convinced me. Skyshock takes place on Earth and offers a very open environment for the use of snipers and vehicles scattered in its nooks and crannies. The smallest of them is called The Cauldron and takes you to the depths of the moon, home to the hive. Not really put forward because of its lack of opening and height, this one will have me much less hung than the other two. The main regret, apart from the black garden environment, these two maps repeat the exact design of the environments of their respective planets. Rather disappointing for those who hoped for a change of scenery.

The underground darkness, it’s a bit like the ex who offers to put the table back. We know perfectly what to expect, the return is tender and passionate, but the routine quickly points the tip of its nose.

To accompany the arrival of this extension, the Guardians will be able to increase their light to reach Level 32. Not surprisingly, you will have to go back to the assaults – raids – loot box to improve your equipment and appear in the pantheon of players who have reached the maximum level. New equipment is therefore on the cards, and the loot system is still working as well, as our barely concealed impatience when it comes to knowing the nature of engram shows. For the rest, the routine settles quickly, and we quickly resume our old habits consisting in accepting contracts on the chain, farming the avant-garde points, the ECU of the event, flashes of light or other fictitious currencies to exchange them with the sellers of Legendary or exotic trinkets. And we are then parading proudly in the tower to show up in plain views, like Bling-bling rapper of the future.

The underground darkness, it’s a bit like the ex who offers to put the table back. We know perfectly what to expect, the return is tender and passionate but the routine quickly points the tip of its nose. With more content certainly, and at a rather high price, this extension does not succeed, however, in renewing the interest of the Destiny experience. Unless you are still addicted to the Bungie version of the loot, we can hardly advise you to buy this extension.