If you enjoy games like the darkness video game and you wish to get to know it more, you are in the right place. We have all the info on the PC game series – the Darkness, and we have latest news on the Darkness Game 2. Of course, the Darkness video game is a groundbreaking one, featuring some of the best gameplays in the world. Although the Darkness video game is an older one, compared to the newest releases of creepy games, it seems that it still has some reputation which is hard to achieve. So, if you are a gamer and want to learn more about gaming, get the latest gaming news and be in line with the rest of the PC gaming community, you stay tuned!

About the Darkness Game

We all know that The Darkness video game is a first-person shooter video game. It was created by Starbreeze Studios, and 2K Games were the publishers of the game for PS3 and Xbox 360. The first Darkness video game was released in 2007, and the sequel aired 5 years later. The most amazing thing about this video game is that it features a wide range of modern-day weapons besides the power of the Darkness. With the darkness, you summon 4 imps – Darklings that attack your enemies and break down walls for you.

It is also great because it is well-thought-out, so you cannot use the Darkness powers anywhere. For instance, in the game, you can use the powers in total darkness or in darker areas. Of course, if the room is well-lit, you can turn of the light to summon the energy needed for using the dark powers. Since the Darkness is the skill that consumes the souls and hearts of your victims, your power increases as you play, which makes the game even more challenging and interesting.

The gameplay is located in New York City and in different places there, you continue going, visiting and re-visiting the locations. To make things even more interesting, you can also sue the subway system by moving between the different areas. You can even take side missions, as this is not a linear game plot, so you can wander through the place and do other things you like as well. In addition to these side-missions, you earn a collectible mobile phone for instance, and you unlock other game features to make things even more adventurous. As you play, more content is unlocked and you get to make certain decisions yourself. It is a game that you must play at least once!

Darkness II – Sequel Review

As you’d expect, the sequel to the Darkness video game, the Darkness Game 2 is just as amazing as the first one, with a few upgrades and overall great gameplay. In fact, the Darkness game 2 is even better in terms of combat, however the storyline is a bit dull at the first few plays and it takes some time to warm things up. Of course, since this is a storyline game, in the second part, Jackie controls the Darkness just as he controls his mob family, and it is even better to fight and do tasks with him!

Since it is a sequel game that aired 5 years after the first one, the Darkness video game sequel – the Darkness game 2, has significantly better graphics and audio effects.

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The Darkness – Comic Book

Both the first Darkness video game and the second part were based on a famous comic book – The Darkness. It was written in 1996, which allowed enough time for the whole game series to be developed by being perfectly based on the comics. After all, the games needed to meet the standards of the initial comic book, which they succeeded.